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Driving: Cell Phones

The use of cellular phones while driving continues to cause problems on our roads.

With cell phone use prolific amongst teens, this increased usage has caused countless car accidents. Driving while texting is now widely accepted as being a dangerous and life-threatening activity.

  • driving with cell phone80% of crashes, and 65% of near crashes, involved some form of driver inattention within 3 seconds of the event

  • 57% of American drivers admit to texting behind the wheel. Texting requires the use of two hands and frequent reference to the cellular telephone view screen

  • 89% of Americans think sending text messages or e-mails while driving is distracting, dangerous and should be outlawed

If you avoid text messaging in your car, you stand a substantially reduced chance of a loss of a claim or, indeed, a loss of life, recent studies suggest. Texting while driving, or fiddling with myriad devices including your cell phone, BlackBerry or GPS system, is a leading factor in accidents across the nation.

Text-Free Driving
Texting While Driving

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