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Driving IQ // Top 10 Mistakes

The top ten mistakes teen drivers make

  1. Being distracted behind the wheel: cell phones, CDs, food, text messaging. Distracted driving contributes to 80 % of collisions
  2. Taking too many risks: ignoring traffic signals or school zone signs, changing lanes without checking blind spots
  3. Speeding
  4. Crowding the car
  5. Driving under the influence - drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications
  6. Following too closely: At 60 mph, a typical car needs 120-140 feet to reach a full stop. Most SUVs require an extra 5-10 feet on top of that. 60 mph translates to 88 feet per second
  7. Driving unbuckled
  8. Not being able to handle emergencies
  9. Driving drowsy
  10. Choosing the wrong car and not maintaining it

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