Rugby High School wins North Dakota Teen Drivers Safety Contest

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Safety Contest Winner
Left: Student Council members of Rugby High School hold their First Place Trophy with NDDOT employees - Safety Director, Mark Nelson and Deputy Director of Driver and Vehicle Services, Linda Butts; ND National Guard - SFC Brenda Kittleson; ND Safety Council - Terry Weaver; Safe Community Coordinator - Kristen Partlow; and facilitators - Michele Lind and Colleen Beckman Click photo to close.

Rugby High School is the winner of the ND Teen Drivers Safety Contest. The statewide contest was held through the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s ND Teen Drivers website in an effort to encourage and educate teens and their community about traffic safety.

Rugby high School

Rugby High School won the event by accumulating the most points in the contest as they conducted safety events and activities in the school and community. As the winner of the contest, Rugby High School was awarded an after school event on Friday, March 26, featuring the live band, "Fully Loaded," sponsored by North Dakota Safety Council and Basin Electric/Dakota Gasification company, along with food provided by Cloverdale Meats and North Dakota Safety Council, games provided by the North Dakota National Guard and other sponsorships include the Bank of North Dakota/Student Loans.

Some of the student led activities included a 30 second Public Service Announcement promoting safety, a school wide effort to complete online safety quizzes, cheerleaders leading a "buckle up" campaign, public outreach promoting driver safety at numerous sporting events and many other safety activities.

On stage accepting rewards

In addition to Rugby High School, several high schools participated in the contest statewide from October 2009 to March 2010. Fessenden-Bowdon Public School placed second and North Prairie Cougars/Rolla & Rolette Public Schools placed third.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) launched the ND Teen Drivers website last year with the goal to decrease teen car crashes, which are the leading cause of death among North Dakota teens.

Directors On Stage

Facilitators Michele Lind and Colleen Beckman (left), along with Safe Community Coordinator, Kristen Partlow, (right) accept Certificate of Appreciation awards from the Safety Director from the NDDOT, Mark Nelson.

Watch the safety videos from the ND Teen Drivers Contest!

Left: Kaitlin B., Alyssa B., and Josh S. were the producers for the Rugby Safety Video that also won First Place
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