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Safety Winner Event

RugbyRugby High School won the ND Teen Drivers Safety Contest so they were awarded with an after school event on Friday, March 26. Students worked hard to promote traffic safety by encouraging classmates, teachers, friends, family, and community members to embrace traffic safety.

For all of their dedication and involvement in the ND Teen Drivers Safety Contest, we returned the favor by bringing in fun games, great food, karaoke, and a live band!

The National Guard provided games and activities for students, which included a football and basketball toss, team building events, and pedal karts where they wore goggles that simulated impaired driving. They also brought the "BIG GUY" with the U.S. Army for photos.

girls at event recruiting driving course driving courseplaying basketball kids watching event ball toss basketball kids at event

Rugby students enjoy the food provided by Cloverdale Meats and the North Dakota Safety Council. The Bank of North Dakota/Student Loans also sponsored this event.
eating more eating

Cloverdale Meats and the North Dakota Safety Council sponsored a hotdog eating contest.
hot dogs

The winner, Karson DeMers, won 5 lbs. of hotdogs!
cloverdale dude

Rugby High School students gather around the stage to listen to the Bismarck-based band, "Fully Loaded."
crowd band band stage crowd band kids live music

Thank you to all of the organizations that sponsored the ND Teen Drivers Safety Event.

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