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About Us // ND Safety Council


The North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) is a state association focused on preventing unintentional injury and death, at work, on the road and at home, by providing high quality safety training and products across North Dakota. Top notch trainers teach courses in the areas of OSHA, MSHA, emergency care, defensive driving, forklift operation, and fall prevention, among many others. A complete list of training programs available can be found at www.ndsc.org.

North Dakota Safety Council

In addition to expert training all year long, the NDSC presents the Safety & Health Conference each spring where a multitude of experts are brought in to teach an even broader range of courses to hundreds of attendees. By reaching young drivers, new miners, and construction workers, as well as safety managers, homeowners and those in the energy industry, the NDSC hopes to create a safer and healthier environment throughout North Dakota.

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