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A Safe Community is defined as "a community that promotes injury prevention activities at the local level to identify and address local injury problems." Safe Communities initiates community programs that address traffic-related injuries within the context of all injuries. Addressing traffic safety issues as they relate to broader injury prevention programs serves 2 distinct purposes:

1. It allows traffic safety professionals to leverage resources and share strategies and ideas with others who are working similar programs.

2. It enhances the visibility of existing programs designed to achieve national, state, and local safety goals.

The program provides a wide range of services and activities designed to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities, and it has developed partnerships throughout the state. The program is evaluation-oriented and incorporates the seven elements of a safe community:

  • Data based
  • Citizen involvement
  • Community partnerships
  • Comprehensive injury prevention & control
  • Program planning
  • Evaluation
  • Self-sufficiency

The Coalition provides community education, working in conjunction with law enforcement efforts, and focusing on seat belt, car seat, and alcohol issues.

The Safe Communities program is a coalition and is data driven, with its members deciding which projects to implement based upon data.

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